Against all odds, Gamers Hideout manages to get their FIFA 18 deal back with an all new price

By Dale Bashir on Sep 15, 2017

Amidst the prior inconveniences and uncertainty, Gamers Hideout has come out on top with their FIFA 18 promotional deal, with gamers being able to pre-order the game for only RM 199. They had problems with their suppliers and distributors up to the announcement of this brand new deal.  Distributors of FIFA 18 in the region had trouble recognizing Gamers Hideout as an official retailer of the game unless certain requirements were met. This became a major concern to the game store as they had already commenced their promotion of trading in FIFA 17 and getting FIFA 18 at RM 149 deal prior to the issues with the distributor on the 19th of June. The co-owner of Gamers Hideout issued an official statement on the matter on September 4th:

With the immensely popular title in jeopardy, most people who already pre-ordered or were looking to pre-order the game were concerned on whether or not they will receive their copy of the game at all. With less than a month until the game's release, all hope seems lost for FIFA fans. But this week, Gamers Hideout unveiled their brand new deal on the game, with all concerns and issues regarding the pre-orders answered with a handy Q & A. The company announced their resolution and the current state of the retailing of the game through an official Facebook post:

So eager fans of FIFA 18 on the PS4 can now pre-order their game at any Gamers Hideout outlet or their website for the low price of RM 199, the lowest price in Malaysia. Pre-order now before the 27th of September to get your hands on the game on launch day and to save about RM 60. Below is a comparison of prices amongst other video game retailers:

If you were one of those who pre-ordered before, please contact Gamers Hideout for any information you would like to know or just refer to the Q & A above.  So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on FIFA 18 or better yet, check out their deal on a PS4 Pro bundle with the game included. 


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