Accel World VS Sword Art Online is bringing its crossover experience to America this July

By Melvyn Tan on May 17, 2017

The Accel World and Sword Art Online franchises have crossed paths before, but Bandai Namco's Accel World VS Sword Art Online will offer fans the chance to experience the joy of having characters like Haruyuki and Yukinoshita together with Kirito and Asuna onscreen in a video game. This crossover title is heading to the Americas on July 7 for PS4 and PS Vita, and the release date announcement trailer offers a solid amount of footage and details to enjoy.

Set in the virtual MMO world of SAO's Alfheim Online, the premise of the game sees said world becoming eroded and characters from Accel World appearing in it. Needless to say, both franchises' characters will have to work together to make things right again, and the slightly awkward-sounding Ground Sky Active Change Battle system will allow players to form three-man parties with them, as well as swapping playable characters in real-time.

Aside from the clear visual contrast, with the Accel World folks looking very sci-fi while the SAO folks look like fairies thanks to the game within the game's setting, there will be gameplay differences as well. The Accel World characters specialize in Hyper Jumping Skills, Accelerated Movement and Close Combat, while the Sword Art Online characters have Flying Abilities, Magic and Sword Skills as their specializations.

While it's unclear how much the two sides will clash in singleplayer, the multiplayer aspect of the game will be sure to deliver on the title's essence. There's not much info on it however, other than there being 4v4 battles. Hopefully, some players will use this oppurtunity to deliver clashes between the waifus of Accel World and Sword Art Online.

Also revealed is the contents of the limited time launch edition, which will delight SAO fans. Those who make a purchase in the first few weeks after release will get the Ordinal Scale and SAO Origins DLC packs, which contain playable characters and costumes from across the SAO timeline and its various in-universe games. These include Yuna and Sachi, along with the cool-looking outfits from this year's Ordinal Scale movie. 

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