A Quick Rundown on Sony's Biggest Announcements At The Paris Games Week Conference

By Dale Bashir on Nov 1, 2017

As promised, Sony unveiled a lot of new developments in their upcoming lineup of games. Here are some of the biggest news for gamers to look forward to in the future:

The Last Of Us Part II

The new trailer provides a look at our return to the world of The Last Of Us with a particularly brutal trailer to set the tone of one of the most anticipated games to come to the PS4.

God Of War

This new trailer shows off Kratos being a proper father to his son and also reveals that the game will arrive sometime in early 2018.

Shadows Of The Colossus

The remake of the cult classic PS2 game is getting a whole new HD facelift, and for the better by the looks of it.


Miles Morales, Mary Jane and more are taking center stage in the truest video game adaptation of Spider-Man to date.

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis

The last of Noctis's gang to have his own side story, control Ignis as he encounters Ravus Nox Fleuret and tries to make his way back to rendezvous with the rest of the gang.

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris Expansion

This expansion looks to expand the lore of Destiny 2 with the character Osiris being the star of this new expansion.

Monster Hunter World

As reported here, Capcom shows off some new monsters and locales in this new trailer and a surprising exclusive character for PS4.

Spelunky 2

A surprising sequel to one of the most endearing indie game of the past decade, developer Mossmouth announced that Spelunky 2 will arrive on PS4 first.

Ghost of Tsushima

From the creators of Infamous, Sucker Punch brings a whole new samurai-focused open world game that looks very promising.

It looks like Sony has got themselves covered with an eclectic mix of new triple-A titles, sequels, expansions and indie titles. 2018 can't come any sooner now can it?

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