A quick journey into the competitive FIFA17 scene with Fire Dragoon's Am Tuah

By Nicolas See Tho on Aug 4, 2017

This year, Malaysia hosted its first ever History Con 2017 at MAEPS Serdang, and we were there to cover the Borneo e-Arena Fifa 17 Qualifying Rounds when we saw Fire Dragoon's Am Tuah talking to participating players. As he has already qualified for the finals, we decided to take this time to chat with him on the latest updates and insights in the unique FIFA17 competitive scene.

GH: Let’s start off by introducing yourself.

Am Tuah: Hi, my name is Amirul, but you might probably know me better as Am Tuah as per my IGN for Fifa 17, and I am currently playing in Team Fire Dragoon


GH: So how long have you been playing the game?

Am Tuah: I have been playing the game for 4 years, and I am giving myself up to 5 more years as a player.


GH: Oh wow, why such a specific period? Are there any plans after 5 years?

Am Tuah: I am planning to be a Fifa 17 coach/manager after 5 years as a player.


GH: How is the Fifa community in Malaysia?

Am Tuah: I feel that the community is very active, let’s take this Borneo e-Arena tournament, for example, we were only supposed to house 520 players, but there has been a turnout of 600 players, which is substantially more than the previous tournament.


GH: How was it like playing competitive FIFA 17 with a professional team like Fire Dragoon

Am Tuah: It is very challenging because I now have to compete in a higher level amongst professional players from around the world, but I do enjoy the challenge as it helps me set a higher benchmark for which I have to perform at.


GH: Every year there is a new rendition of FIFA, so do the players have to adapt to an ongoing meta each time a new title appears or is it different?

Am Tuah: This is what separates FIFA from the rest of the games, as MOBAs such as Dota 2 and League of Legends all have an ongoing meta to adapt to, but FIFA players have to change their entire game every time a new game is released. This means that with each game release, everyone is on an equal playing field.


GH: If you were to compare player development time in FIFA, is there a way for FIFA players to determine their ranks such as MMR in Dota 2, or leagues in LOL?

Am Tuah: In Fifa 17, we have divisions in which players can compete in, and once you are the highest division, the best player can always be seen through their position within the best division.


GH: When one thinks of competitive FIFA matches, we always visualize a 1v1 setting, but are there any competitive team events in the FIFA competitions?

Am Tuah: In actuality, there has been 2v2 FIFA matches being played competitively, and next year, there will be an inclusion of 3v3 into the format as well.


GH: Would you be interested in competing in these team formats?

Am Tuah: Definitely, as I have found that multiplayer gameplay is always more exciting than playing by yourself.


GH: In terms of the prize pool, do you think the amount is healthy?

Am Tuah: I feel that the prize pool is steadily growing, and it will get better as the scene continues to grow.


GH: Have you competed in any international events thus far?

Am Tuah: My first international appearance was at the GameStart Asian festival in Singapore, to which i managed to get to the quarter finals. Later on, i participated in the AGES to become the ASEAN AGES 2016 champion. I have also made my ESWC debut in Paris in the same year as well, meeting many international players at the global stage. I didn’t make it to the group stage, but it was a good experience.


A display of ESWC players
A display of ESWC players

GH: After playing on the same platform as these global players, what did you take away from that experience?

Am Tuah: I learned many strategies and mechanical skills throughout the period, and I hope that I would be able to transfer that experience back into our local scene.


GH: Are there going to be any future tournaments you will be participating in?

Am Tuah: Besides the finals for this Borneo e-Arena tourney, I will also be participating in the Asian Fifa Gaming Championship later this year.


GH: any tips for players entering into the FIFA competitive scene?

Am Tuah:  For newer players entering, it is all about practice and time management. I used to train 20 hours a day back during my early days. This goes to show that you need passion and dedication to the sport if you want to excel in it.


GH: Any last words to your fans?

Am Tuah: Thanks for the support and good luck to the Borneo e-Arena players, and I hope I will see you guys in the finals with me.



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