A PC games streaming software is currently in the works for all devices, including Nintendo Switch

By Kin Boon on Apr 25, 2017

Image credit: Reddit
Image credit: Reddit

PC games streaming is a godsend feature for players who prefer to enjoy their gaming session in a more laidback environment away from their desktops and monitors. It was fully explored by Nvidia Shield, a dedicated device that allows portable PC games streaming, but the feature might soon be available on all devices, including smartphones, tablets, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

An app named Rainway is currently being developed by the team behind Borderless Gaming, and it’s expected to function via Wi-Fi, stream games at 60FPS, and it’ll work if you own any GPU that supports DirectX11. Some aspects of the app such as virtual controller layout will also be open-source, allowing the public to contribute to the project. It sounds like we have a long way to go before the official launch of the app, but we can get a taste of it when the beta drops next month.

Another interesting thing to note here is the availability for Nintendo Switch, which is plausible due to the hybrid console utilizing the Tegra XI processor, the same device that powers the Shield. With that said, it is still pending subject to approval by the Japanese gaming giant, but the developers are planning to release it on the Nintendo eShop. While Blizzard is still contemplating on porting Overwatch to the Switch, this means we might be able to play the popular hero shooter on-the-go soon.

Source: Nintendo Power

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