A patch fix will be coming to Overwatch for Genji, Dance emotes, and more

By Kurtis Chan on May 26, 2017

The Overwatch Anniversary event officially kicked off 3 days ago and every player gets to unlock and enjoy more than 100 items and also three new Arena Maps in the Arcade. Of course, bugs are always lurking around in Overwatch and many has already been discovered by players and the Overwatch team and a patch to fix all these bugs and glitches will be coming soon to the game.

Genji Defying the Laws of Physics

After receiving a new Power Ranger/ Kamen Raider looking Sentai skin, it seems that he has also gained the ability to defy the laws of physics in the new Arena Maps, Castillo and Black Forest in particular. Take a look at the footage recorded by Battle.net users InfernoHades and Slik.

A glitch in the new maps caused Genji to be able to bypass the death barrier, where other heroes will die if they did the same thing. After getting off the map, Genji can freely walk around, even beneath the actual map to deal damage to the enemies whereas the enemies cannot do so. I personally went into custom game and tried out this bug on Castillo and it still works, but you will need precise timing on Swift Strike to avoid death. The Overwatch team is well aware of the glitch and they are currently working on it, according to Overwatch Principal Level Designer, Dave Adams in the Overwatch Forum.

Payloads does not Appreciate the New Dance Moves

Apparently the new dance moves that every character in Overwatch has learned are not being appreciated by payloads. When you activate the dancing emote on top of the payload, it will not anchor your character to it and the payload will leave you behind instead of taking you along on a journey to victory. This bug was found by Reddit user, AaronMT, saying: "Dancing on the payload doesn't anchor your character to the moving payload at all. I just want to dance my way to victory. This must be resolved."

As always Papa Jeff Kaplan is always here to save the day, this time with a little bit of humor. "This will be fixed soon in an upcoming patch. Apologies. On the plus side, thanks for actually being on the payload," Kaplan commented on the thread.

Hanzo's Arrow Sign

This mistake was found by the people at Kotaku. If you look closely on the new Cyberninja Hanzo skin, the strap of his quiver has Japanese writings on it. While the word 'arrow' was supposed to be written there in Japanese, the words on it actually means 'arrow signs', which are the signs that lead you to a specific direction. And apparently, Blizzard utilized Google Translate and wanted to translate the word 'arrow' into Japanese. But thanks to the flaws of Google Translate, it ultimately led to a huge error on Blizzard's part. According to Overwatch Lead Software Engineer, Bill Warnecke's comment in the thread, he said "Thanks for the report I'll make sure our localization team takes a look. Cheers!"

Hopefully all of these bugs, glitches and error can be fixed in the upcoming patch and I hope it will be soon. Now that I have seen the mistake on Hanzo's strap, I cannot unsee it.

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