A Nintendo Direct focusing on Fire Emblem going live tomorrow

By David Tan on Jan 18, 2017

All spotlights on Fire Emblem

The next Nintendo Direct presentation will focus entirely on the  Fire Emblem series. The livestream will begin at 2p.m PT/5p.m ET tomorrow. No mention of how long the presentation will be, but we hope that Nintendo has much Fire Emblem in store for us this year.

During last week’s Nintendo Switch Presentation, a Fire Emblem spinoff game call “Fire Emblem Warriors” that is under development for the hybrid console was announced. Much like the previous Zelda title “Hyrule Warrior”, the game is a collaborative work with Koei Tecmo, a 1 vs 100 over-the-top action game developed by Omega Force and Team Ninja much like the publisher’s renowned franchise Dynasty Warrior. Given that the Hyrule Warrior was well received, it is no wonder that Nintendo is trying to use the formula on a different game again.

We would assume that the presentation will not be focusing on only 1 game. According to Polygon, Nintendo mentioned about releasing mobile apps base on some franchises they hold such as Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing, but was delayed into 2017. With that, we can expect to see something of Fire Emblem’s take on the mobile market during the upcoming livestream. Super Mario Run garnered quite a lot of attention during its release last year, seems like Nintendo won’t be scrapping their idea of advancing in the mobile market anytime soon.

Check out the livestream on Twitch here directly. For locals, it is 6a.m in the morning so if you are interested, set your alarm.

Source: Polygon

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