A Montage Of iceiceice: When Trolls Become Legends

By Nicolas See Tho on Aug 18, 2017


There are many legendary players that are known for their skills, talents, and charisma.For example,  you have Puppey, one of the most charismatic captains of all time. You have the lovable Dendi, who has always managed to melt the crowd's heart with his bubbly personality.

But with every scene, there are players who are both skillful in-game as well as in real life trolling different levels. This fine gentleman(we are being polite here) is none other than iceiceice.


Subtle is not his middle name
Subtle is not his middle name


He is an entertainer from both sides of the spectrum. He makes you wonder what his next prank is going to be and when he does it, it’s when you least expect it. Often times, his pranks are hilarious regardless of the situation.


Here is the compilation of Iceiceice trolls:


  1. Starladder 12 Interview
    The interview started off pretty simple until iceiceice was asked if he has anything that the fans have not known about him.
    He stares into the beyond and cynically replied, “I have hairy ass.”


Big Dick Lanm
No one know how it started, but we know hilarity ensues. Legend has it was all explained by iceiceice in this video.

It was firmly believed that iceiceice was the main culprit for promoting Lanm’s manhood and the meme went crazy.

Even during The International 2016 All-Star match with the introduction of Pitlord, iceiceice never fails to disappoint by playing Rikimaru with this IGN.

3. Trolling Kaci back in The International 2013

Poor Kaci. Nothing is more embarrassing than being told that you have been trolled. Iceiceice pulled a quick one on Kaci. Watch the video below to find out how he traumatized Kaci. 2-thumbs up to Kaci on dealing with the situation.

4. Acting as a Translator for Super

The whole interview was a total trainwreck. Iceiceice trolled both Super and Hotbid by purposely misinterpreting the whole Q&A.

5. Iceiceice Jebaited The World

A few weeks ago, Iceiceice made an announcement on his twitch stream that he is going back to China to join Vici Gaming.

It brings a bit of attention to Reddit as well.

Well, some will always remain a skeptic and some are confused as to whether he was trolling or being plain honest. A few days later, Bam! It hits the whole world with this announcement in the MINESKI page!


Yeap, we got Je baited. Congratulations to both iceiceice and Mineski. Hope you guys will do well in this upcoming season.

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