A Fan illustrated 48 new Pokemons based on heroes from Overwatch

By Kurtis Chan on Feb 21, 2017

What do you get when you have an Overwatch and Pokemon crossover? Watchemon of course! A fan/artist re-imagined and illustrated 48 Watchemons which is a mixture of Overwatch and Pokemon, and all 48 of it were based on all 22 heroes of Overwatch, except for Winston who plays the role of Professor Oak, oops, I mean Professor Banana.

The amazing artist behind the creation of Watchemon is Miles Hansen, also known as Lunapocalypse in Tumblr. He is an illustrator, writer and comic artist born in Perth, Australia. He has spent more than a decade on drawing, and most of his skills have been self-taught during his time with the webcomic community, while having studied in animation and multimedia.

Take a look at the fanart below:

These fan-arts are so creative and hilarious at the same time in terms of their names, designs and especially their descriptions where it relates to all Overwatch players. I can't pick one as my favorite Watchemon as they all look so darn good! If I have to choose one, for design it will be Disappoindad. Look how huge and futuristic that dog is, I wanna ride on it and look at how disappointed he is at me. As for the description, nothing beats Terrut's where it says "usually seen in packs of five or six, scientist have yet to discover why the groups of Terruts are only found around doorways." Absolute genius!

Besides fan arts, Miles Hansen also creates comic-shorts as well, and they are equally as funny. Check out more of his illustrations on his Tumblr page.


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