A Chain Slinger, A Helicopter Mech and A Scarecrow are Gracing Vainglory's New Halloween Update 2.9

By Dale Bashir on Oct 12, 2017

Super Evil Megacorp, the developers behind Vainglory, has released the new Update 2.9 for all, just in time for autumn and all manner of spooky goodness fit for the season.

The first bit of news is the delightfully spooky new hero, the chain-wielding Churnwalker. This specter-like hero focuses on grappling his enemies towards him and sucking their health out to regenerate his. Skillful players can space out the battlefield and keep enemies at bay for himself and his allies. He is definitely all about controlling the space between allies and enemies and controlling it to his advantage.

The usually creepy, voodoo hero Baptiste is also getting into the spirit of things with an all-new Scarecrow skin, the perfect look for the scythe-wielding hero to show folks who really is the king of the pumpkin patch. Reap some havoc with his pumpkin themed attacks and unleash some bad mojo on your foes.

Quite possibly the coolest skin available for the update, Baron can now channel his inner Autobot and transform into a cherry-red helicopter. This skin also comes with all the bells and whistles of a Legendary skin, with new animations and sounds that come with this awesome new mech.

The boys aren't the only ones celebrating this auspicious month, Lyra is getting 3 new skins coinciding with the Autumn Festivals celebrated in China, Korea, and Japan. The three new skins represent each of the three nation's traditional Autumn garb, each with a different hairstyle and matching horns.

Along with these fantastic costumes also come with numerous tweaks and balances to the game that will definitely spice up the meta for this season. Download the update now to enjoy all the latest things Vainglory has to offer.

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