5 "Unique" Dating Simulators

By Jasmin on May 2, 2018

You can’t deny that dating simulators are quite the popular genre nowadays, whether serious or satire, with games like Doki Doki Literature Club and Death Match Love Comedy hitting Steam and Youtube. There must be something about being woo-ed by some interesting characters on screen that continues to captivate gamers, more so if they’re not your typical moe or tsundere girls (or guys!). So if that’s your thing, here’s a range of dating simulators that could possibly entertain you:

1. Dream Daddy

Let’s start with the most normal dating simulator and then go downhill from here. Created by Game Grumps, this dating sim turns the genre on its head. You play as a dad, who’s significant other had recently passed away, and you move to a new town with your daughter, Amanda. Your neighbours are all super gorgeous (mostly) single dads and you are free to date any of them!

Dream Daddy is currently RM31 on Steam.

2. Hatoful Boyfriend

For our first animal-related simulator, we have Hatoful Boyfriend where you play a girl going to a new school...for pigeons. You, a human, just started at St. PigeoNation’s Institute and have a number of handsome looking pigeons as your schoolmates. Though “handsome” is subjectable...

Hatoful Boyfriend is RM23 on Steam.

3. Panzermadels

What’s stranger than a pigeon-dating simulator? A TANK DATING SIMULATOR! That’s right, in this game, in typical dating sim style, you arrive in a new place and attend a new school, a ‘Tank School’. Your classmates are female humanoid tanks and...just don’t ask me how that works.

Panzermadels is RM23 on Steam, but is currently on sale is at RM16.10.

4. Amorous

Trailer is NSFW so...
Trailer is NSFW so...

Attention furries, there is a dating sim just for you! Amorous takes place in a world full of humanoid creatures, from foxes to dragons, and you can date up to 9 different characters to fulfil any of your furry desires. Best of all...it’s free!

Amorous is available for free on Steam.

5. Speed Dating for Ghosts

This shall be one of the more cutesy games on this list. Who says the afterlife has to be lonely? Made by ex Bioware developer Ben Gelinas and his friend Mikey Hamm in Copychaser Games, this dating simulator takes place after death and you go through a speed dating event to chat up phantoms, wraiths and poltergeists. Your choice of ghost brings you to various second dates. If ghosts are your thing, this is the game for you.

Speed Dating for Ghosts is currently RM23.50 on Steam


Honourable Mention: Monster Prom

A fairly new dating simulator that takes place in a school full of...well, monsters. This game allows you to play with up to 3 friends, who are also monsters. Each of you have a selection of 6 monsters, from werewolves to gorgons to demons, and will have to sit through the ins and outs of high school, completing tasks for the monster-senpai of your choosing so you can successfully invite them to prom!

Also, two of the characters are voiced by my favourite gaming Youtuber/Twitch streamer Cryaotic and that's pretty cool

Monster Prom is currently on sale at RM25.20 (until 5th May) on Steam, otherwise its RM28.


There you go! Five (+1) unique dating simulators that can satisfy whatever tickles your fancy. Have we missed any of your favourites? Let us know over on our Facebook or tweet at us! Don't forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel for video game goodies and why don't you catch me on Twitch every Wednesday at 4PM?

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