5 Survival Games You Can Come Back To On Steam

By Nicolas See Tho on Aug 15, 2017

We know, we know, there are probably too many games out there abusing the survival genre and you might want to hear nothing of it, BUT, there are a few gems out there that are still alive and well with a strong community. So in order to get you back into the survival groove and perhaps give the genre another chance, we are helping by listing out the top 5 survival games on Steam that you can get right back into

1.Don’t Starve/ Don’t Starve Together

Developer: Klei Entertainment

Steam Rating: Overwhelmingly Positive

Price: RM31.00

Some of you might have played this before, while others might have missed out on the cult hype that surrounded this survival game. Don’t Starve has improved along the years and while it was doing good back when it first launched it is doing even better now. This game has 2 variants, one for single player which sees more content and items for story mode, and another variant is the multiplayer version which has reduced item functionality but with multiple dedicated and private servers being hosted allowing you to play up to 10 players at the time.

Now would be a good time to jump back into Don’t Starve as they have added new expansions as well as exponentially more mods for the online variant, allowing those returning to goof around in some of the ridiculous mods out there, especially those anime character mods.



Developer: Facepunch Studios

Steam Rating: Very Positive

Price: RM38.00

Back during the pioneering age of next generation shooter survivors, there was Rust. Rust was one of those games whereby players joining in had to have a certain mental fortitude, as death was never too far away, and progress is never saved unless you already set up a base(but even then it is still going to be a target).  Fast forward to today, the game has improved tremendously, with a strong community to boot.


Multiple patches and reworks later, the game is seeing a resurgence as players are coming back to enjoy upgraded graphics, newer content such as helicopter gangs chasing you in the air, new weapons, and a more streamlined crafting system. So if you have Rust in your library, it doesn't hurt to give this game another go, and for those that don’t, it's rather cheap to get, and even cheaper when Steam sales hit later this year.

3.Fallout 4

Developer: Bethesda Softworks

Steam Rating: Mostly Positive

Price: RM 118.50

Technically, Fallout 4 is not a really technical survivor game as it is an action RPG, but if you tune the game to hardcore mode, you should be able to reveal the survivalist in your character. Additionally, now that all the DLCs are already out, for those who have the game, it is a good time to come back to play all these new missions and storylines, with an expanded map, as if the map were not big enough.

Don’t even get us started on the number of mods that the modding community has contributed to this game. Most of the game content is created by players, as well as game enhancements such as FOV sliders, Hyper HD Mods, or moving bases. If you are looking for it, there is a mod for it. Furthermore, for those who have yet to get this game, the Game of the Year edition is coming out later this year, thus giving you all the contents of the original game bundled with the DLCs.

4.The Forest

Developer: Endnight Games Ltd

Steam Rating: Very Positive

Price: RM 31.00

There are not many survivor games with the element of tension and horror, but for those who have experienced The Forest, the jump scares are real. As if surviving a plane crash isn’t bad enough, you also have to run away from frenzied cannibals, and highly mutated monsters.

As of today, The Forest has new monsters, new items to craft, different buildings to build and smarter AI. Additionally, players can now venture even further as the map has expanded. Story-wise, the game has improved in lore immersion with more prop tools and unlockables can be found around the island to explain further your characters lives before the crash.


Developer:  Ludeon Studios

Steam Rating: Overwhelmingly Positive

Price: RM56.00

For the hardcore survivalist, they most likely have Rimworld within their Steam libraries, and they will most likely tell you, the game is not only hard, but it is bonkers. Rimworld takes Dwarf Fortress mashed with Dungeons and Dragons to create a narrative storyline which makes absolutely no sense, wherein lies the enjoyment.

Survival is definitely the goal for this game, but the other goal is to try and create a unique storyline for your survivors. For those who are returning, Rimworld has upgraded it’s AI, added new roads and rivers, which are new features that provide better trade routes or higher resource generation at the area.


With all these games listed down, we hope that you now have the survivalist itch to download these games once again and explore the vast unknown.

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