5 Reasons Why SEA Region Will Like Fnatic's Eternal Envy

By Nicolas See Tho on Aug 28, 2017

This might sound a little crazy for some because Dota 2 players know what Eternal Envy stands for.  After Fnatic’s announcement on acquiring EE-sama, PieLieDie and Excalibur, we were all surprised with the outcome - especially since EE-sama will be representing the SEA region for this upcoming season.

We remain optimistic that EE-sama will be able to carry the SEA banner into greater heights. Here are some of the reasons why we think that the SEA region will enjoy EE-sama in Fnatic. Satire post ahoy.


His Leadership

EE-sama is very well-known for his leadership. Back in 2012, he led No Tidehunter to their first LAN victory at Dreamhack 2012, MLG Colombus with Speed Gaming and for those wo followed the scene, the rest is history.

He Has His Own Subreddit

If you are a fan of Eternal Envy, you probably should check out this subreddit called Fifteefiftee, whereby scientists are baffled on how EE  can be such a phenomenon by creating awesome plays to horribly throw games creating a “322 moment”. But we all love EE no matter the results because we believe in entertainment value for the audience.


EE is Expressive

SEA region loves drama - and there is a lack of that presently. Most of our drama revolves around Mushi and friends. The topics nowadays usually revolve around Mushi’s feeding, Mushi’s not high-fiving, Mushi sending teammates to go upstairs and etc. We need more drama, we need more fuel for the gossip machine.

He is Agent 3154

EE-sama is not only a DotA player - He is a DoTA player in disguise. It is an open secret to all that EE is a sleeper agent for the Chinese DotA scene and dubbed as the infamous Agent 3154. Since we need more memes on this, we decided to create one on the fly as seen below.

He is The Chair

We love our monitors as much as we do our chairs. Gaming chairs in Malaysia is apparently a real thing - it’s a huge thing. Don’t believe us? Then check out the pictures below.

We have the Midone’s 10k MMR Chair


Malaysia’s Major All Stars Chairs


Well, that’s all folks and we wish EE the best of luck here in Malaysia. We are very excited about how Fnatic’s new line up will turn out!

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