5 Reasons Why eSports is, And Should Be, Considered As An Actual Sport

By Aiman Maulana Editor on Jul 29, 2016

Image source: gamingesports.com
Image source: gamingesports.com

Time to take the age old question and put it to the test.

One of the biggest things to hit the gaming world, as well as the internet, is eSports. We get to enjoy seeing professional players duke it out with each other, and we get to see the kind of plays that you normally won't see in public games. It's an amazing spectacle and millions all over the world enjoy watching or participating in it.

Then comes the douchebag, sipping on his green tea latte, who publicly exclaims "eSports isn't a real sport" as if his opinion held the weight of the world. I have no qualms about people sharing their own opinions but if they're gonna try shove it down my throat with no room for arguments, then that's a major problem in my book.

So today, we're gonna take a look at why eSports is, and should be considered, as an actual sport.

1. The Definition

If we were to do a quick Google search to find the definition of 'sports', you can see that it's defined as "an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment." Another definition of the world is simply a source of entertainment or amusement.

That's pretty much what eSports is. You have an activity, in this case it's playing videogames, where individuals or teams compete against one another, not only to win a big chunk of cash and prizes, but to also entertain others. Sure, the physical exertion bit may seem a bit of a stretch with eSports but do understand that the level of mental stress and exertion can get quite extreme.

2. Training Regiment

Image source: streamingmedia.com
Image source: streamingmedia.com

You know how you see football players practice their game with their teammates, to improve their accuracy as well as their teamwork? They're not the only doing that.

Professional eSports players train day in and day out, much like any other sports-related talent. They do it to get familiar with the game, test out a myriad of strategies for a variety of potential scenarios, and work better with their teammates. Sounds kinda like football doesn't it?

3. You Can Wager on eSports

Image source: calvinayre.com
Image source: calvinayre.com

One of the biggest ways money is circulating when it comes to sports is by betting. You bet on a particular player or team, and if they win, you get more cash back. You can do that on eSports as well.

Let's say there's a DOTA 2 tournament. You know multiple teams that are competing in a particular competition. Just find the right platform to make a bet, bet on your chosen team, and pray for the best. You're gonna be rooting for them just like how millions were praying for Leicester City to become the top dog in the Barclays Premier League.

We do not support gambling in any form of fashion, we're simply stating the situation that's actually happening.

4. Plenty of Professional eSports Players Are Paid Actual Salaries

Image source: Cybbet
Image source: Cybbet

Throughout the years, I'm sure you have heard of famous athletes being paid a handsome amount for their services. Kobe Bryant made $26 million in 2015, Cristiano Ronaldo is making 17 million Euros this year, and even John Cena makes about $9.5 million.

Some professional eSports players are being treated like major league athletes, with teams acquiring their services for a set amount of money, where the players get paid an actual salary, get bonuses if they win tournaments, and these deals usually come with benefits like medical treatment.

You'd also be happy to know some players are able to rake in a lot of cash, with the one of the most notorious ones being Carlos 'Ocelote' Rodriguez, who's able to make upwards of £1m per year.

5. It Brings Good Business


As eSports also has a large following from people all over the world, it gets some pretty damn good business going on. You have notable big name sponsors like Google, Red Bull, Microsoft, and plenty more.

You see the same thing in other major sports, where teams have their sponsor listed on their jerseys, the arena being filled with a particular brand's advertisements, and more. It brings good business, just like any other major sport. Heck, if professional wrestling can be considered a sport, I really don't see why this can't at this point in time.

Speaking of eSports, there's a major eSports tournament that's going to happen at the Arena of Stars, Genting. It's called ESL One Genting, and it has a prize pool of about $250,000. That's a big chunk of money isn't it? If you wanna know more about the event, especially on when the event is happening, click here.

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