5 Reasons To Leap Into Day of Infamy's WW2 Battlefields

By Melvyn Tan on Mar 21, 2018

Listen up, folks! Today, I'm gonna be talking about a little game called Day of Infamy. It's a World War 2 shooter from the Insurgency devs that exited Early Access this month last year. I've been losing dozens of hours of my life to it, in a good way, and you totally should too (if you like shooters)! Below are five reasons that explain why you should consider giving up (at least a teeny bit) of your lives for the game as well.

A mix of casualness and realism

Like Insurgency, Day of Infamy is sort of a middle ground between arcadey run-and-gunnin’ and the intimidating intricacies of military sims. On one hand; death comes faster than you can scream "'Murica!", and death cams and killfeeds are absent on official servers. Also, weapons won't reveal how many bullets they have in their magazines or clips, requiring guesswork and familiarity to know when to reload.

On the other hand; weapons are fairly straightforward to handle despite noticeable recoil, movement is smooth enough, and sliding like a movie hero is totally an option. Basically, the game offers a nice degree of immersion and challenge, while the entry barrier isn't too high to scale.

The horror (and beauty) of flamethrowers

Horrifying moments in Day of Infamy include seeing your teammate turn around a corner with dreams and hopes of getting to an objective, only to be engulfed by an oncoming stream of fire that quickly roasts him to a crisp. Conversely, you might be huddled in a room with a bunch of teammates, only for your capturing attempt to be interrupted by fire, smoke, and pre-recorded screams. You may survive, but you may also be surrounded by the charred bodies of your comrades. Needless to say, flamethrowers are deadly and scary sons of bitches.

They naturally lose some effectiveness in more open spaces, but Day of Infamy's mainly urban-based maps tend to have plenty of areas where the weapon and its rather generous range gets to shine. But while the weapon itself creates horrifying scenes, the shooting at the fuel tank causes a glorious burst of flame which envelops the wielder and spreads in a small pool around his body. Whether that happens intentionally or by accident, it'll be sure to light up the day.

The terror of fire support

It's good to know that Insurgency: Sandstorm is taking a leaf out of Day of Infamy's book in this regard, because the fire support feature provides some of the most memorable moments in the game. Officers, with the help of radiomen, can call in artillery support and various forms of air strikes depending on the faction. The U.S. forces can call in a gun run that tears troops to shreds for example, while the Wehrmacht have a Stuka Dive that gives the middle finger to whatever you're cowering under. They're thunderously loud, ferocious, screen-shaking, and bloody awesome. Just don't accidentally slaughter a bunch of teammates who're seconds away from capturing a point.

Co-op is a blast

Day of Infamy's PvP is great too, but the Asian scene has sadly died off after a brief moment of decent activity, leaving servers with over 200 ping being the norm. (Personally speaking, the experience isn’t bad on servers with <250 ping). Thankfully, you can still find a fair number of Asian servers for the 8-player co-op modes, which are fun as hell.

One of these modes is a time-based survival mode called Entrenchment, but I much prefer the ones where the players have to enter enemy territory to accomplish their goals. There's Stronghold, where your team moves through the level while securing or blowing up objectives, and Raid, where you have to search for the location of the mode's three objectives yourselves.

The AI ain't the brightest, but their accuracy and the lethality of the game's guns can quickly reduce a full eight-man team to a lone player. The bots are capable of using fire support too. It can often feel like you're part of a crack scrappy team on a desperate and exciting mission, where sudden defeat might be just around the corner.

The gore

One memorable moment I had in Day of Infamy was strolling merrily down the map, only to hear an explosion and see a leg sail across the screen with blood trailing from the stump. A more recent one was firing a Panzerfaust at an AA gun and accidentally reducing two teammates into bloody chunks. (Try to avoid this as three teamkills kicks you from a server.) Less humourous but no less impressive was emerging from my hiding spot to survey the bloody carnage wrought by a bombing run, dismembered bodies strewn all over the bombed area.

Day of Infamy's gore isn't the most realistic or most gruesome one around, but the body dismemberment and blood splatter are enough to make its battles feel like a suitably bloody affair. Together with other aspects like flamethrowers, fire support and the loud lethality of guns, it provides a harrowing and intense experience that might create a few accidental laughs along the way.

Day of Infamy may not be as popular as its modern-day-set cousin, but its punishing yet accessible take on the World War 2 shooter genre makes it totally worth a shot regardless. Try to convince some friends to get the game too, so that everyone can hear each others’ screams over Discord amidst the shrieking sounds of enemy artillery.

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