5 Mega Man Fan Films To Watch Before The New Movie Comes Out

By Dale Bashir on Oct 4, 2018

It has recently been announced that a brand new Mega Man film will enter production soon, and while the Blue Bomber has never graced the silver screens before, he has made many smaller debuts in fan films. Avid Mega Man fans from all over the world have come together many times over to translate their love for Capcom’s mascot into a motion picture, so here are 5 fan films to watch before the new movie comes out:

1) “MegaMan”

Directed by Eddie Lebron, this fan film is actually feature length; clocking in at a 90 minute runtime. It was released in 2010 on Screw Attack’s website and quickly went viral amongst gamers online. Despite its crude use of CGI for the Robot Masters, Mega Man’s enemies, it’s still a fun romp to go through. Taking the pre-established story of the first Mega Man game; with the evil Dr Wily reprogramming the  six Robot Masters to do his bidding and take over the world, Dr Thomas Light then reprograms his robot assistant, Rock, into Mega Man and sets him off to save the world.

The film is interesting in how they portrayed the  six Robot Masters in terms of their character quirks, while  the original game didn’t give them much personality in the first place with the limitations of the 8-bit era. The makers of this film took the updated characteristics of the Robot Masters from the then new Mega Man: Powered Up game, which was an updated remake of the original game. This is how you get the “justice-obsessed” Fire Man and boastful Elec Man in the film. Overall, it’s best fan film thus far.

2) Mega Man X by Olan Rogers

While the other entries on this list covers the original Mega Man and his adventures against Dr. Wily, Olan Rogers decided to go a different route with his fan film. Taking inspiration from the sequel series, Mega Man X, this film has Dr Light warning mankind of his new invention and the disaster that can come  from a robot with free will, in this case Mega Man X. Dr Light then seals Mega Man X away until the time is right.

We then cut to a recently awakened Mega Man X fighting in what seems to be a simulation against Proto Man. This Mega Man film serves more as a testament to what director Olan Rogers and his team are capable in doing. It’s also interesting to note that while Mega Man X’s design in this film is clearly inspired from  series on the Super Nintendo, Proto Man is inspired by both his original incarnation, as well as his Mega Man EXE incarnation. Truly the team are fans of Mega Man and his many reiterations.

3) The Protomen’s Rock Opera

Definitely much more epic than the usual video game fan film.  This takes the cake by being not just a short film, but two whole albums as well. Made by Tennessee rock band, The Protomen, the entire band and their lyrical content is centered around their love for Mega Man, as if the name The Protomen weren’t obvious enough. Their self-titled first album and the second album, Act II: The Father Of Death, all tell the tale of the rivalry between Dr Wily and Dr Light.

Their music video for Light Up The Night is a 16 minute epic with high-grade production that can definitely be mistaken for a real movie. This video centers around Joe, the first robotic experiment that Dr Light created. The Protomen made a bold move by not centering on Mega Man himself,  but focused on the days that lead to the creation of Mega Man and the other Robot Masters. Instead, they concoct a story with Joe, who is based on the Sniper Joe enemies in game, to take center stage.

4) DaysideTV’s Bootleg Chinese Mega Man

What if China had their hands on Mega Man before Hollywood did? The folks at DaysideTV clearly thought of that while making their bootleg Chinese Mega Man movie. Definitely more Stephen Chow than Michael Bay, this short film has more cheesy action and dialog than the more serious takes that the other entries aimed for. Along with the very low-budget feel that this film is going for, it’s really honing in on that 90s VHS charm.

Malaysian Mega Man fans will get a kick out of this one as it is mostly in Cantonese, with English subtitles for everyone else to follow the plot. Hearing the hero proudly proclaiming himself as “Mei Ka Yan” is bound to get a laugh out of most of us. While there’s nothing serious about this parody, it’s how serious the characters are portrayed that makes this adaptation stand out from the rest.

5) Mega Man VS Proto Man

Made by the fine folks at Loot Crate Productions, this short film has Mega Man fighting his toughest enemy yet, Proto Man. Taking cues from Proto Man’s debut in the series from Mega Man 3, this video shows the two robot brothers facing off in a warehouse, with Proto Man showing off his might as the better robot.

With how successful Loot Crate is as a service, this adaptation is a cut above; really looking like what a modern live-action Mega Man movie could look like, though the actors in this video do look a little too adult to play either Mega Man or Proto Man. Overall it’s a great short film, especially with the design of the two robots while taking cues from the aesthetics of classic Mega Man, Mega Man X, and Mega Man Legends.

We may not know much about the upcoming Mega Man movie yet, but these fan films show that the fans are dedicated enough and more than capable of producing their own Hollywood-worthy films. Here’s hoping that the official movie will be as good or even better.

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