5 Humble Bundle Deals That Are Worth Your Money

By Yue Lynn on Mar 28, 2018

Juggling between firing bullets with your human hands and impaling your enemies with your evil tentacle-like limbs sounds like a lot of fun. Now’s your chance experience such fun as you can get the supernatural, shoot-em-up The Darkness II for free on Humble Bundle, a site that offers bundles (comics, games etc.) at a lower price to customers. While today's your last chance to get The Darkness II for free, there are also some good looking games on sale that you might want to check out!

RWBY: Grimm Eclipse (USD4.99/RM19.40)

Fans were elated when Rooster Teeth released this multiplayer hack-and-slash video game based on their hit webseries, RWBY. With some quick button mashing, this widely-anticipated game allows you to slice your opponents into half with Ruby Rose or engage in a close-ranged, power-packed fistfight with Yang Xiao Long, who were main characters from the original webseries.

Limbo (USD2.49/RM9.70)

Don’t be fooled by its monochrome aesthetics as this is a critically-acclaimed puzzle-platformer. Also, getting this gem for less than RM10 is a steal (it's RM23 on Steam!).

Soma (USD7.49/RM29.10)

This sci-fi title is brought to you by the creators of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, a survival horror game that slowly and torturously chips away your character’s sanity, so you can’t help but imagine what kind of fearful horrors players will have to go through in Soma. Unlike Amnesia’s eerie castle surroundings, the location setting for this game is an underwater facility called PATHOS-II whereby you will be exploring watery surroundings and searching for answers but finding more questions instead. But Soma isn’t a simple survival horror game,lurking deep beneath the surface is something that would make you question your character’s humanity.

Prison Architect (USD7.49/RM29.10)

This sandbox game acts as an immersive simulator whereby your choices dictate how you govern your prison. You can choose to run your prison with an iron fist by generally disregarding your inmates’ complaints and needs; or you can choose to be kind and accommodating by making sure your prisoners are well taken care of, for example, creating more recreational rooms for the prisoners to destress. If you’re the type to put some hours into customising a prison according to your whim and fancy, this game may be your cup of tea!

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