5 Clues That May Have Hinted At Fire Dragoon’s Cease Of Operations

By Yue Lynn on Apr 9, 2018

Image Credit: Fire Dragoon
Image Credit: Fire Dragoon

After only operating for a year, one of Malaysia’s well-known esports organisation is ceasing its operations. Fire Dragoon’s exit from the gaming scene will undeniably leave a big hole in our local esports community.

Here’s Fire Dragoon’s official statement regarding their cease of operations:

This out-of-the-blue announcement was shocking to many as their League of Legends team was one of the latest rising stars in the LoL esports scene. However, there were some clues left by Fire Dragoon (FDG) from time to time that may had hinted on their impending end of operations.

Overwatch roster release

Image Credit: Fire Dragoon
Image Credit: Fire Dragoon

FDG released this roster back in January 2018 and explained that “we felt that the local, and Southeast Asia scene is not ready for our involvement. In fact, at some point, our engagement might have been an impediment to the growth, or the creation of other competitive teams”. They also pointed out that their decision was made due to the current situation of Malaysia’s Overwatch scene.

Besides stating that “freeing up the funds that was previously invested on the Overwatch division, Fire Dragoon would be able to kickstart a Mobile Gaming division within the organisation”. While the local Overwatch esports scene is pretty quiet, this roster release was indeed surprising as game is still one of the hottest titles in town.

Dota 2 roster release

Note that in their roster release statement, FDG stated that they “are undecided of the direction for the team”. After this particular roster release, FDG never gave any hints that they are looking for new talents, considering how competitive and important the Dota 2 scene is.

Amirul “AmTuah” Afandi’s release

This was a true shocker because AmTuah is a renowned tournament-winning FIFA player, and releasing a talent of such caliber with no reason given was downright odd.

FDG's General Manager Jeffery "Vyprex" Chan’s Statement

Vyprex had a short interview with TiltReport after FDG release their Dota 2 teams and FIFA player and what he revealed was pretty telling of FDG’s situation.

Camou’s meeting with AirAsia Allstars Esports Club’s Allan Phang

This meeting between Matthew “Camou” Chan (FDG’s League of Legends team manager) and Allan Phang (Allstars Engagement and Internal Branding, AirAsia People and Culture) coincidently happened a few days before Fire Dragoon’s cease of operations. Also, the post caption’s message seem to be hinting at something ‘meaningful’. More importantly, AirAsia Allstars Esports had recently acquired Team Saiyan (Mobile Legends) and sponsored Team Mineski (Dota 2) so it’s not a surprise if they want to pursue something in the League of Legends scene as well.

But is this truly the end of Fire Dragoon? It seems that Fire Dragoon’s CEO, Fire Kam, will be releasing more information on what their next step will be so stay tuned….

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