4 Things To Know About Arcade; Google's Social Gaming Startup

By Yue Lynn on May 4, 2018

As reported by Bloomberg, a Google spokesperson has revealed that the tech giant is indeed developing a social gaming startup called Arcade. While much of Arcade’s details are still being kept under wraps, a few notable pieces of information regarding the startup has been uncovered:

1. Arcade is spearheaded by an ex-employee of Facebook

Image Credit: Daniel Garzon/Anadolu Agency
Image Credit: Daniel Garzon/Anadolu Agency

Twenty-one-year-old wunderkind, Michael Sayman, once worked for Facebook before he became a Google employee and is now spearheading Arcade. Also, this news is confirmed by Sayman himself:

2. “Focused on mobile gaming with friends”

There are not much details about Arcade that can be shared because it’s still “a very early experiment”, as stated by a Google spokesperson. Additionally, Bloomberg noted that Arcade “is part of Area 120, a division where select employees can work on small startups that live inside Google”. Also, a source revealed that “as part of Area 120, Sayman gets a budget to hire staff and for marketing, design and finance to create his own startup with less risk”.

3. Details on Arcade’s first product

Arcade’s first app will be scheduled to debut this summer and will possess some trivia game elements.

4. “Arcade’s games have no tie-in with existing social networks”

Image Credit: Wikipedia
Image Credit: Wikipedia

Sources with knowledge of Arcade has some interesting tidbits to reveal, according to Bloomberg:

“Users create accounts with their phone numbers, one of the people said. Google is considering it a social-media investment because once a game gets to a certain size, it’s something of a social network by itself, this person said. Google scaled back its ambitions in social media after its Facebook clone, Google Plus, failed to take off. Still, the search giant has kept toying with forms of social networks, such as app experiments like this, to keep younger mobile internet users hooked on the company’s products.”

Since Google acknowledged that it will be releasing an app under Arcade this summer, we will definitely be on the lookout for it! But are any of you excited about the games that Arcade will be releasing in the future?

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