3 new heroes were supposedly leaked in 4chan, including Doomfist

By Kurtis Chan on May 4, 2017

The first anniversary for Overwatch is just 3 weeks away and the Overwatch community have been curious about Blizzard's plans to celebrate the game's birthday. Recently, a 4chan user who goes by the username "QAAustinAutist", who also claims himself to be an employee in Blizzard, revealed the next three heroes to join the Overwatch roster are Doomfist, Bria and Ivon.

According to QAAustinAutist's post, Doomfist is scheduled to finally make an appearance in Overwatch very soon, as well as mentioning some details on his skills. "Second quarter's hero. He's ready to launch and will be going to the test servers very shortly (days, not months.) He's a Reinhart & Ulted Lucio/Road counter with a rapid charge and grapple ability. His Ult is an AOE effect with 100% damage on any target in the center and 5 second knockdown on anyone within 5 meters of the impact zone," QAAustinAutist stated.

The next hero that follows Doomfist is Bria. "Third quarter 2017. Concept but entering initial testing soon. Area denial Hero, think a Mei with rapid wall ability. Designed to lock off certain areas of the map to assist her team, can't lock off multiple routes at once. Ult electrifies anything between two of her Wall bars," QAAustinAutist continued in his post and that is not all, the last hero of 2017 will be called Ivon. "Fourth quarter 2017. Early concept. Currently planned to be a Russian Defence hero, effectively a Torbjorn-Sym hybrid capable of producing weak swarmbots and controlling their direction and tactics with his abilities. Like a Mini-RTS. His Ult doubles his current number of Swarmers. (Also there's planned to be a delay before each swarmer is complete, if that makes sense: you can't spawn all swarmers on the first point, you need resources to do it: think Torbjorn's armor)."

QAAustinAutist also described the concept of these heroes in his later post. "For Doomfist think Augustus Cole from the Gears of War series. Bria is the smallest Heroe we will have released so far, concept for her right now is of a blue-Yellow "Steampunky" Teen with a wrist computer. Ivon's style guide is of a tall lanky elderly man wearing a close fitting black buisness suit with red accents holding a Tablet-device and a small supressed pistol (Though this is currently considered early concept exploration, I've even seen earlier art for a buffy bearded Circus performer with little minion-bots following him but that one was binned hard.)." Besides new heroes, he also stated that there will be a new Animated Short for the upcoming event and the release of Doomfist, and also a single player Overwatch game mode that takes players Omnic lore.

Blizzard has not made any confirmation on these leaks or any announcements regarding Overwatch's first anniversary as of yet. I doubt that we will be having a new hero that quickly since Orisa was released just slightly more than one month ago, but who knows? Maybe Blizzard has different plans for Overwatch's anniversary. Whatever it is, we shall wait until May 24th itself or until Blizzard makes an official announcement.

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