2 news maps are in the making for PlayerUnknown's Battleground

By Kurtis Chan on May 16, 2017

PlayerUnknown's Battleground is still in Steam Early Access, but the game has already garnered attention from players all around the world, raking in $60 million in gross sales with 2 million copies sold. The most interesting fact is that the game is not even done yet. According to what the developers told GameInformer, there are two new maps currently in production for PUBG and some information about the map.


The first new map will be an island on the Adriatic Sea, which is one part of the Yugoslavian territories. The size of the island is similar to the original map in the game now, which is 8km x 8km and it features different designs and architectures depending on the location you are at- the north side of the map has thick forests, the south side of the map has Mediterranean coasts, and the center of the map has snowy mountains all around. Time to put those padded jackets into good use.

The second map in production is designed to be in a desert setting. The story behind the map is that it was destroyed during a war and the remains of the once beauitiful place to visit is now covered and buried in sands due to sandstorms. This map is much smaller compared to the original and the first map mentioned above, 4km x 4km to be exact. The north side of the map features hillside slums, whereas the south and east side has a canyon with a river where the water is used to support the surviving small villages after the war.

The developers did not give an ETA for these two new maps but it might not be as soon as you think since the map is still subject to change. You can get your copy of PlayerUnknown's Battleground now on Steam Early Access and join millions of players trying to kill or be killed. 

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