10 Things We Want From The New Version Of The Nintendo Switch

By Dale Bashir on Oct 5, 2018

It has been announced by the Wall Street Journal that a new version of the Nintendo Switch will be released sometime in the later half of 2019. While the original Nintendo Switch is great and has been selling like hotcakes around the world, it wouldn’t be Nintendo if they don’t upgrade their hardware along the way. That’s how we have innovations like the Gameboy Colour and Nintendo DSi as part of their handheld lineups. Without further ado, here are 10 things we want in the upcoming new version of the NIntendo Switch:

Better Screen

While the screen of the current versions of the Nintendo Switch is perfectly fine, as it can run games nicely with a stable framerate for sure. But there is definitely more room for improvements. Maybe just a more powerful screen that can handle higher frame rates while also not taking as much power is what we’re really asking for. Also, if the screen wasn’t so susceptible to scratching while being put on the dock would be nice as well.

More Memory

As of now, you can only buy Switches with 32 Gigabytes of memory built-in, while it is sufficient, it can run out pretty quick. Most players will immediately buy an SD card to fill up as much space as possible for their Switch, with it being able to even support 1TB SD cards. The option might be there, it’d be great for the Switch to come packed with at least 64 GBs built-in, maybe they can call it the Nintendo Switch 64 with a nice throwback colour scheme, who knows.

A Different Dock

The Switch dock is a little clunky; it’s a hollow piece of plastic with ports on it that makes it feel cheaper than the actual Switch console. With the dock being a key component of the Switch experience, it would be nice to have different options with the dock. Third-party options are plentiful, with some just being a wire that connects your Switch to the TV, and some go all out an act as an actual projector. Needless to say, these are all third-party options, and it would be nice to have an official Nintendo alternative.

More Controller Options

Right now, officially, your only control options for the Nintendo Switch are: the Joy-Cons, a Pro Controller, Gamecube controllers through an adapter, and the upcoming NES-styled Joy-Cons. While these options are nice and good, they are definitely on the pricier side.Currently the Joy-Cons and Pro Controller are ridiculously expensive, and don’t get us started on how much Gamecube controllers are going for now. Just let us use the many Wiimotes we have lying around, Nintendo.

Different Sizes

With the Gameboy you had a choice between the original Gameboy or the Gameboy Pocket. With the 3DS, there was the regular 3DS, 3DS XL, and even 2DS and 2DS XL. So it wouldn’t be a stretch for Nintendo to introduce different Switch sizes as well. Maybe one more pocket-sized one that is as big as a smartphone, and a bigger one like the iPad Pro. Even if it is a little bigger from the current Switch, like all-around bigger by 5 cm, would be a good option as well.

A New Feature

The Nintendo DSi added a camera to the already feature heavy Nintendo DS. Along with the dual screens and having wifi built-in, now people could take photos with their DSes as well. The Nintendo Switch currently has no camera, so maybe they could implement it in? Knowing Nintendo, they might just make a whole elaborate Labo set-up for the camera to work, but then again that might not be so bad in the grand scheme of things. It might just bring back Pokemon Snap.

A Different Design

By that we mean an alternate design to the already established and innovative Nintendo Switch. While it was always designed as a handheld and home console hybrid, maybe they could have two designs that weigh more on each individual aspect. Like a handheld-heavy Switch that has more battery power, or a console-heavy Switch that supports 4K. Either way, it would be nice to have options, like the options between the 3DS or the 2Ds.

New Joy-Cons

The Joy-Cons are a hit or miss with some people, some find them too small, some find them perfect for the console. Either way, you can’t argue their functionality is very important to the Switch’s capabilities. But a more ergonomically designed Joy-Con would be great, one that keeps the functionality of the Joy-Cons, while being more comfortable to use on its own. The Joy-Con grip controller that comes with the console could also be improved as well while Nintendo is at it.

A Web Browser

That’s right, the current Switch software does not come with a built-in web browser. More important than Netflix or YouTube being on the system, the function to access Wikipedia or Google is desired by many fans. While this may be a software thing and could easily be patched in with an update, it would be nice if the all-new Nintendo Switch had this new functionality built-in.

Sturdier Kickstand

The flimsiest part of the whole system is in-fact the kickstand, the piece of plastic that’s in-charge of keeping the console up while in tabletop mode, can start to falter after a year of playing or so. It also keeps your SD card protected when not in use as a kickstand. So fixing the kickstand might not be high on Nintendo’s priorities, but it’s definitely something we should look forward to them fixing it.

There you have it, 10 things Nintendo can bring to the new version of the Switch. What are some improvements you would like on the new Nintendo Switch? Let us know on our social medias. Keep up with Gamehubs on Facebook and Twitter to be up to date on all things gaming.

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