10 Mobile Games Coming To The Nintendo Switch

By Dale Bashir on Jul 3, 2018

The Nintendo Switch is notorious for being the ultimate port machine these days. Whether it’s classic SNK arcade classics, old NES or SNES games, or even excellent games from the previous generation. Android and IOS games are no strangers to the Switch, with big games like Fortnite and Arena of Valor also having made its way to the platform!

The trend continues though, as here are 10 games coming to the Switch in the coming months:

The Lion’s Song (July 5 2018)

The Lion’s Song is a series of four episodic point-and-click stories set in 20th century Austria. Each episode tells an engaging story, with a different protagonist each time. The original episodes came gradually on mobile. The Switch will include every episode bundled together, and will also be getting an HD upgrade. The Lion’s Song will be out on July 5th 2018. Check out the Android version here.


Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop? (July 12 2018)

The Holy Potatoes! Have never been afraid to embrace the wacky and do the unexpected, whether it’s spy-themed or science fiction, you know you’re in for a good time with these spuds. In this game, you’re tasked with running a weapon shop in a fantasy world, training your potato blacksmiths, and be the best place for heroes to buy weapons. The game will be on the Switch from the 12th of July. Check it out for IOS here.


Heroki (July 20 2018)

Heroki has since become one of Sega’s mobile hits since its debut in 2015. In this action platformer, you must traverse colourful worlds and recover the stolen amulet from the evil Dr. N. Forchin. The game is upgraded to 60 FPS and HD resolutions, along with incorporating the Switch’s HD Rumble. Expect Heroki to be on the eShop on July 20th. Try it out on IOS here.


Carcassonne (Winter 2018)

While Monopoly is on the Nintendo Switch, the classic board game may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Super Mario Party is still a few months away, so why not try Carcassonne, a classic amongst board game enthusiasts and a splendid time for all. In Carcassonne, you must build roads and populate your kingdom in order to win more points and resources. So kinda like Monopoly, but with way more skill involved. Expect this game on the Switch in Winter 2018. Buy the Android version here.

Terraria (TBA 2018)

During the Minecraft boom around 2009-2010, many games were putting their own spin on the emerging multiplayer survival genre. Terraria was one of the few that stood the test of time, it does everything Minecraft does and so much more in 2D. Mixed in with couch co-op and the portability of the system, this will definitely be a hit on Nintendo Switch. No release date has been formally announced but it will arrive sometime in 2018. The Android version can be found here.


Elder Scrolls Legends (TBA 2018)

The Nintendo Switch is desperately in need of a proper card game, and Bethesda is more than happy to oblige. While Skyrim is on the Switch as well, a more recent game is coming to the system. Elder Scrolls Legends is a collectable card-battling game in the same vein as Hearthstone, just set in the Elder Scrolls universe. It’s free-to-play on PC and Mobile now and will make the jump to Switch sometime in 2018. Try the IOS version here.


Titan Quest (July 31 2018)

Originally released in 2006, Titan Quest has gone through a few iterations since it celebrated its 10th anniversary. It has since been released for smartphones and even the Xbox One and PS4. It’s an action RPG like Diablo, set in ancient Greece, Egypt and China, you must earn the favour of the gods and be the people’s champion. The game is set to release on July 31st 2018. Android users can download it here.


Crush Your Enemies (Summer 2018)

Quirky Real-Time Strategy game, Crush Your Enemies, was released for Android early this year and will grace the Nintendo Switch this summer. Think of it as a mix of Conan The Barbarian’s gritty fantasy world and Adventure Time’s cartoony aesthetic. It’ll be the first RTS on the console and will feature cross-play between versions. Check out the Android version here.


Miles And Kilo (July 5 2018)

Inspired by platformers on the Gameboy Colour, Miles And Kilo feels right at home on the Nintendo Switch. As Miles and his dog Kilo, you must find your way out of a spooky, haunted island and find a way home. Through 36 challenging levels, you must platform your way to victory. Join in on all the platforming fun this July 5th on Nintendo Switch. You can try Miles And Kilo on IOS right here.


Mushroom Wars 2 (July 5 2018)

Not many Real-Time Strategy games are making their way to Switch, and Mushroom Wars 2 aims to fill that void for Nintendo fans. Control your mushroom army in the single-player campaign, featuring over 100 levels. Or take the fight to your friends with online and local multiplayer for up to 4 players. A lot of fun is to be had when Mushroom Wars 2 comes to the Switch on July 5th 2018 and Android users can download it here.

There are a ton of ports making their way to the Nintendo Switch and these are certainly some of the best that is coming soon to the system. We hope that more and more Android and IOS games make the jump to Nintendo’s incredible console to make the gaming experience on the Switch a lot more exciting!

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