10 Force Powers All Gamers Need

By Dale Bashir on Dec 22, 2017

“I am one with the Force and the Force is with me.” A mantra that resonates well with many of us geeks. Most of us love Star Wars and most of us love games, and while most unions of the two can be great (Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2), and some have been, well let’s say more in tune with the dark side of things (EA’s Battlefront 2), we’d argue that most gamers would rather have the Force than the perfect Star Wars game. Let’s see what kind of Force powers would be useful for the everyday gamer:

Force Ragequit

“Give yourself to the Dark Side...” you say as you whisper to your friend while he’s trying his best to kill you. You beaten him in 3 rounds before this and even manage to throw in a teabag on his dead body. He’s building up in rage, you feel it, he just might crack. This mind trick allows you to convince your pal to give in to his inner rage, and quit altogether. Ensuring another victory for you.

Force Lootbox Prediction

Jedis and Siths have always had a knack of clairvoyance, always having glimpses into the future. “Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future..” Most people won’t know that Yoda’s words ring true even for loot crates. That rare Legacy Tracer has always been in motion, and if you just had that slight advantage of knowing when to predict it, then this Force power might just be for you.

Force Grinding

Ever wondered around an empty field in a JRPG just to grind up some EXP before the next big encounter with the Darth Vader equivalent, leveling up your party or getting some rare drops always require an extensive grind sesh that even the most dedicated of Jedis can’t endure. This Force power allows you to save a lot of time.

Alternatively, this Force Power can also help you maintain your balance in Tony Hawk games.

Force Controller Manipulation

You’re on the last lap, you’re in first place. Your buddy is in second and you screen peak and see that he has a red shell ready to be thrown as you reach the finish line. He can do it, unless, inexplicably, he somehow throws it backwards instead of forwards. With this Force Power, you can make your opponents press the wrong button with a flick of the wrists, ensuring that you’ll always be Obi NumberOne.

Force Aim

“You're all clear kid, now let's blow this thing & go home!” With this trick, we can all have a straight shot, just like Luke did with the Death Star, or Lando did with the Death Star II, or Poe did with Starkiller base, yeah you get the picture. Of course in the Dark Side of gaming, this power exists as an evil droid, known to most as an Aimbot.

Force Sense

Sensing disturbances in the Force is a common occurrence in Star Wars, while most Jedis can feel disturbances from across the galaxy, all we’re asking for is the ability to see what’s about to happen to our allies two lanes away. Nothing galaxy spanning, just the ability to track them down without all the inexplicable yelling.

Jedi Mind Trick

“These are not the droids you’re looking for…” This trick usually only works on feeble minds, which is great for convincing your feeble friends to finally join the PC Master Race or be a console scum forever. Also works on getting your friends that come over to use the cheap 3rd party controller you have lying around the house, instead of your limited edition Destiny 2 controller.

Force Online Projection

Never be AFK again, now you can grab a snack, take a sip of Mountain Dew, all while your raid buddies won’t even realize that it was never you that was physically casting all those spells.

Force Ghost

You just got killed, you’re mad, you had a five killstreak before _xXxGreedo78xXx_ killed you with his sniper. It was a good kill, you saw it on the kill-cam, and now its time for you to come back… as a ghost. Respawning is cool and all, but coming back in ghost form to terrorize those who oppose you is even cooler.

Force Controller Throw

A good Jedi must never give in to his emotions, no matter how dire the situation. But sometimes final bosses do love to deal some cheap shots in games, and just after dying a 39th time, emotions run high as you throw your controller across the room. Only this time, with some help from the Force, you can make it comeback to you in perfect condition without ever hitting the floor.

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