6 Ways You Can Lose Your Friends Through Gaming

By Nicolas See Tho on Sep 5, 2017

Playing games together can be a gratifying experience, especially when one was part of the 90’s boom era, playing games like Metal Slug or Street Fighter. However, sometimes when you play with friends, mistakes happens which tend to lead to disastrous in-game outcomes. Today, we list some of the games that will make you lose friends within a single session.



Ever wanted to kill your teammate so much that you wished there was a game where you are the boss monster.  With Crawl, you can now place that one guy you want to kill in the role of a Hero, while up to 3 sadistic buddies can play as the dungeon monsters, boss as well as place traps. Now, when you feel like killing off a buddy in-game, you can trick him into being a hero while the three of you pummel him with multiple levels of gore and violence. Additionally, once you kill off the hero, one of you can take over his place and resume the cycle of violence.

2.Monster Hunter

We have all heard of the grindfest that is Monster Hunter, but what most of us don’t know is how playing together in a group has caused more friction than progress, especially if your companions are of the limelight hogging type. While teaming up to fight huge dragons and crab like monsters is an ideal strategy, getting hit in the face by your friends huge hammer, or getting shot from behind from an allied bow gunner, tends to be a game losing proposal. Monster Hunter is truly a game where friendships are tested


3.Playersunknowns Battlegrounds

It’s hard enough for one to stay alive when everyone is stuck on an island, forced to kill one another until only one remains without being wary of your companions shooting you from the back. Playersunknowns Battlegrounds is definitely one of those games whereby you have to truly play with someone you trust, or suffer an amazingly fast end to the round.

4.Speed Runners


This is another one of those games whereby the word friendly is not part of it’s feature. The objective is simple, 4 players participating in a platform speed run whereby the last to survive is the winner. You can eliminate your opponents through power ups and grappling hooks, whereby if one straggles too far behind, they will get eliminated at the edge of the screen. Combine this with inflated egos and wagered bets, friendships won’t be the only thing you will lose when playing this game.


5.Keep Talking and No One Explodes


If you truly wish to destroy your friendship with a game, then Keep talking and No One Explodes is one such game that will break even the best of friends. The concept is simple, one player is stuck in a virtual room with a bomb,whereby the player is given a limited timeframe to defuse the bomb. In order to do that, one has to listen advice from a bomb expert which will bark out instruction on the bomb defusal. The catch?, the expert is not allowed to see the bomb. On a good day, this is a good trust test between buddies, but on a disastrous day, a friend is literally blown up.

6. Overcooked

On the surface, Overcooked might be an easy, lighthearted game, with a friendly co-op feature that is meant for the best of friends, but in reality, that couldn't be further from the truth. As the difficulty curve rises, Overcooked will literally grill your friendship to a crisp, with each ingredient increasing in quantity and quality, so does your need for perfect cooperation. Working in sync is the goal, but can you really trust your companions to be up to the task, that would be the real litmus test from Overcooked.

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