[Review]This Storm Is Bound To Brew

By Nicolas See Tho on Oct 4, 2017

It’s not every day you get to play a game that reminds you of chess but with the tactical intricacies of Hearthstone. But that's exactly how playing Stormbound feels like.  Stormbound is developed by Paladin Studios for the Android and iOS.


Image result for stormbound
Image result for stormbound

On the surface, this looks like any of the collectible card games that many mobile games offer on the market nowadays, but after some quick playthroughs, one will find that the tactical element in the game is deeper than one might think.

The gameplay starts both players off in a chess-like battlefield whereby placing a unit will create a frontline. This frontline will then become the border on how far you can deploy your troops, whereby those who control the battlefield will create havoc on the battlefield. Resources are unilateral, as you get an increase of 2 during each turns which means that having your cards curve out nicely would be the main priority in deckbuilding.

You win the game whenever any of your units enter your opponent's castle whereby they will deplete the buildings life. Just like Hearthstone, there is a mix between units on the ground and spells you can use to impact the battlefield.

Different cards come with different stats and abilities
Different cards come with different stats and abilities

In the deckbuilding process, there are 4 main factions you can mix and match with which are the Winter Pact, Swarm of The East, Ironclad Union and Tribes of Shadowfen, each with their own unique characteristics, be it control, aggro or a mix of both.

It can get chaotic on the battlefield
It can get chaotic on the battlefield

One thing to take away from Stormbound would be how hard some of these battles are. There are certain calculations to be made when engaging your opponents forces such as the unit composition and its effects. There are some cards that can create additional structures which provide a static support to troops within the same line creating an added dimension of play if one is not used to it.

Stormbound may not be the game for everyone especially those looking to let their brains rest for the day, but if you are looking for a strategic, time sink, then take a look at Stormbound. You can download this game for free on the Google Play store or the Apple Store.

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