[Review]This Ain’t Your Casual Racing Game

By Nicolas See Tho on Oct 30, 2017

Gran Turismo Sport is finally out and racing enthusiast around the world are enthusiastic about the latest GT game to hit the PlayStation 4. As most fans know, Gran Turismo is not your average racing game as it takes pride in being one of the more realistic racing simulators out there on the market.


The tracks are filled with cone markers which dictate braking points and cornering tips
The tracks are filled with cone markers which dictate braking points and cornering tips

One does not simply race in Gran Turismo, especially if you are coming from the Need For Speed niche or the Initial D Arcade boxes as Gran Turismo puts you in a world where real physics apply, in cars which were so accurately specced, that even their manufacturers are asking the creators for blueprints to their cars.


Scapes bring out the best of GT Sports
Scapes bring out the best of GT Sports

The first thing that will happen as you play Gran Turismo Sport would be the awestruck feeling you get as you are embalmed in one of the best looking games of the year. The chrome reflection on the models is stunning, while there is a featured mode called Scapes which emphasize how good looking the game is with special landscapes being taken in place for you to take beautiful panoramic shots.


Dirt Rallies are also fun on their own terms
Dirt Rallies are also fun on their own terms

Moving to the gameplay, each car has their own set of difficulty as their weight and controls are all unique to their original form in real life. For example, the Mercedes AMG GT series is specifically made for the track thus it has weight reduction and downforce measure in place improving its performance, whereas a stock Nissan GTR has no such upgrades in place thus you can feel the large performance difference between a car tuned for the track and for the road.

Online play has also been integrated properly into GT Sports this time around, as its predecessor has been notorious for not providing a proper lobby for players. Now players can create rooms in which they can race with friends or with strangers. The upcoming feature which has most GT fans hyped would be the FIA Online Championship season which will see players competing in a league based event in order to qualify for what would be the digital equivalent of a Grand Prix event.

Thus far, Gran Turismo Sport has proven itself to be one of the hardest racing games we had encountered, and surviving a track is often a trial of endurance and accuracy than it is one of speed. We will definitely come back to the game for another post review once the pre-season championship begins.

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