[Review]Becoming A Baseball Legend Is Harder Than You Think In Baseball Stars

By Nicolas See Tho on Oct 19, 2017

Take me out to the ball game! Take me out to the crowd!. If you have heard this line before, then you were likely to have watched one too many baseball films as a kid. So what is it about baseball that has endured all these years. What is so fun about watching 9 grown men wait in line to smack a white rubber ball while running in square fields? Some would say because of the deep tactics rooted in the sport itself, while others would say they just like to see the signature phenomena of the game namely a Homerun. Well, if you feel inclined to these reasons then you can bring that same experience to your mobile phone albeit in a more cutesy fashion.

Which brings us back to the game review of the day. "Baseball Stars" which is developed by playus soft, brings to players a fully fledged baseball game with nothing held back. The characters are fun-sized, and cute while the animation is smooth and easy on the eyes. The game is free to play on the Android although it comes at the price of the ever common popping advertisements which in this case is not too bad. Unlike some of the other baseball games out there, Baseball Stars gives players full reign as to how they want to enjoy their baseball experience. 

As a casual fan of baseball myself, I would often try to browse for a baseball game that is not a batting simulator nor a management sim, rather I would love to play a baseball game in its entirety and preferably free. This is what Baseball Stars offers, and it does not sugarcoat the gameplay. Players can set how many innings they would want to play, or if you are on the go and would love to just skip through, there is an auto play button that lets you run through the game. In order for us to save time on the mechanics of baseball, here is a link on how baseball is played. 

Batting is all about timing and placement
Batting is all about timing and placement

Baseball Stars gives you the full charade, from league modes, to challenge modes all while allowing you to enjoy the full gaming experience online or offline. Staying online lets you earn in-game currency daily which is more of a small token of appreciation. In-game purchases don't do much to affect game performance, but you do have the option to take away those pesky ads for only RM6. 

Pitching gives you various ways to deal with a particular situation
Pitching gives you various ways to deal with a particular situation

Gameplay-wise, we have the usual batting stage and pitching phase, whereby your job as a batter is to try and secure as many home runs as you can netting you points, while as a pitcher, your job is to try and strike out the opponent before they can get a home run. This is the purest form of baseball which blends offence and defence with a mix of tactics you can employ to best achieve your end goals. As a pitcher, you can employ different types of throwing styles to confuse the opposing batter while as the batter, it is all about hand-eye coordination and getting the timing right to hit the ball.

Knowing when to sub out is a valid strategy for success
Knowing when to sub out is a valid strategy for success

Your team lineup can be expanded with different baseball cards which serve as the avatars for your players. You can purchase more cards in-game through cash or in-game currency, each with its own drop rate. Premium player cards may start out stronger but individually, even your standard player cards can reach the level of these premiums given the time to do so. 

So if you are a baseball head and yuou are looking for the game that can give you those kicks, perhaps Baseball Stars could be the game you are looking for.  

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