[Review] Oxygen Definitely Not Included

By Nicolas See Tho on Aug 29, 2017

Have you ever wished you were stuck in an asteroid filled with its own ecosystem, and you as an amnesiac space dweller who has to survive on the said floating rock? Well, should your morbid fantasies be true, then let us introduce you to Oxygen Not Included, made by the same morbid guys who brought us Don’t Starve, Klei Entertainment.

Oxygen Not Included takes the survival mechanics from Don’t Starve and adds on the difficulty by changing it into a management game. What this does is it lets you control three dwellers all with different moods and traits that are balanced to create a community inside this asteroid. As always there are many ways to die in this game, and as the title stated, the obvious way to die is through running out of oxygen. So let’s take a look at how this game aims to kill you like GLaDOS.


Oxygen Not Included

A day without oxygen does this to your colony
A day without oxygen does this to your colony

Ah, oxygen, the gas of life. Sadly this is now a resource in your colony, and in order to get it, you have to either open up vacuum pockets of oxygen or find ways to create artificial oxygen. But don’t take too long, as everyone and everything will emit carbon dioxide and once that fills up. It's death by oxygen deprivation.


Food Kills You (If you are careless)

Prelude to barfing
Prelude to barfing

While food is definitely going to be hard to get in a floating rock, nevertheless your colony needs it and where there is a need, there is a way. Using the high tech space technology of microbe compression, players can build and create a microbe crusher which can create a temporary food resource. There is also wild alien life you can hunt for food. But remember, where there is food there is the waste, and improper waste management leads to sewage leaking into your water supply and then food poisoning which all results to DEATH.


Water Kills You

Water flooding my cabins
Water flooding my cabins

Water, the solvent of life. Many scientists say that where there is water there is life. But that case is not true when your source of water drowns your entire colony. Water in this game is a double edged sword. Managed properly, it is an essential part of your colonial daily life. But dig one wrong watering hole or get your supply tainted, and be prepared to be swimming in dead dweller bodies.


Temperature Kills You

The right image shows suffering through heat, while the left is just disease
The right image shows suffering through heat, while the left is just disease

Let’s say you survive the above, and you are now living a stable space colonial life. You revel in your survival prowess. Next morning, you find one by one your dwellers dead in their sleep. You are flustered as to why. Ladies and Gentleman, let me introduce you to hypothermia. Or death by cold. In the cold rocks of space, temperature control is every bit as important as your water and food supply. Getting the right ambient temperature is essential for your colonies survival.


So as you can see, life in an asteroid is not all moon rocks and shooting stars, as hard as Earth makes it survive, space can double that fear factor easily. For those who would like to take a chance at space death, you can buy Oxygen Not Included now on Steam for only RM38.70. Do take note however that the game is currently still in early access, but thus far, its content has surpassed most early game content games we have seen yet on the market.

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