[Review] A Mini Game It Is Not, Mini Gun Proves There Can Be A Mobile Command And Conquer

By Nicolas See Tho on Oct 12, 2017

The strategy game genre on the mobile platform can be considered premature at best. Aside from card-based games such as Hearthstone, and pay to win games such as Clash Royale, there are really few games that can be considered real-time strategy. That was until I installed a game called Mini Guns from the app store, which blew our minds and caressed our strategic souls. 

The game at first glance looks like a Clash Royale clone, and believe me, I had almost uninstalled it after playing the first 5 minutes of the game, but as I trodded on with the tutorial, I find that Mini Guns has a bit more meat than it is letting on. Moments later, I am hooked, to what can be considered the closest game that reminds me of the golden age of Command And Conquer.

Battles can take place on multiple angles
Battles can take place on multiple angles

Aesthetically, the game falls in the middle, as it uses cell shading to bring their miniatures to life, with certain animation details which adds a form of immersion in the game but can look clunky at times. There are two factions you can choose from, the Dominion and the Republic, with the Dominion forces taking a more rugged look, while the Republic forces are centered on cutting edge technology. Regardless, both factions have the same units with the only unique factor being their epics and legendary units.

Higher level characters means they last longer in battle
Higher level characters means they last longer in battle

The gameplay is unique as while initially, the game does start off like Clash Royale, the objective is different, as well as the usage of units. There are no points for destroying enemy towers which is evident in most games of this genre meaning hit and run tactics won't usually work in this game. You have to totally eliminate the enemy base in order to win. As for the units themselves, they are separated into infantry, vehicles, and air units. Each has their specialty and can counter various types within their category as well. I find that the units are rather balanced even if one were lucky enough to chance upon a legendary unit because, with the right counters, any unit can be destroyed albeit with heavy resource investment.

Similar to Clash Royale, the loot box system remains as you have a chance of earning crates to unlock more units after every match, and you will also get 2 free boxes a day which helps you along as you progress the game. Additionally, you can also unlock a battle crate called the storage box which you can unlock after playing a few matches. This box is usually better than your average crate because it can either contain more units or give you a hefty sum of gold.

Thus far, the Mini Guns have kept me captivated for about 5 days and if you are looking for a game that can give you that tactical push, give this game a try, and you might be surprised at how deep the game goes.


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